Week 1 — Recording Lesson #2

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

I finally made good on my promise to myself. I recorded the content for my next video. I’m really excited for this video because it’s going to be different compared to my Lesson #1 video. I was browsing on Facebook, like I tend to do when I should instead be doing something more productive and I found a video that really caught my attention. Someone posted a video to Craft Panda and I watched a few of their videos. After weeks of researching video formats, I really like how they layout their instructional videos. I like it so much, that I’m going to try to emulate their style with my next video.

Check them out here:

I recorded all the content I need and tomorrow I’ll be editing the content. I’m not sure how well this one is going to turn out since it will follow a different format, but I’m hopeful that people like it. Some notes about collecting the footage for the project. I couldn’t find a hole puncher as apparently we don’t own one. I had to improvise and used a drill instead. Also, as I posted in one of my lasts posts, I went down to the local playground and got some sand for my project video. Well, it turns out the sand was still very much wet/damp and it didn’t quite work as well as I expected. I instead ran to the kitchen and obtained some salt and now my wife isn’t too happy that half the salt is missing. Look forward to tomorrow’s post as I’ll be sharing the link to my second video.

I’m not sure if any of you care for this next section, but I’ll briefly talk about the chapters I read today.

In Bob Iger’s book, This chapter was filled with how he rose to the top of ABC Entertainment. Bob’s message in this chapter is very much like the one from yesterday. . . Get the Message to Garcia. He continuously went above and beyond to deliver on the vision from his leadership until his leadership recognized his skill set and promoted him to Senior Vice President.

The Infinite Game was about rallying people for a Just Cause. This book is still very interesting to me as he highlights how we are consistently playing in this infinite game with a finite mentality. As I’m reading the book, I can’t help but start putting thoughts and ideas from Bob’s book with this one. Something interesting is happening in my brain as I read 4 books simultaneously. It’s like all these ideas start firing off, but I have no idea what to do with them or how to contain them. All I know is that I really want to reread all the books I’ve read so far and figure out how to start applying the concepts I learn in them together to create something unique.

Trillion Dollar Coach is interesting because unlike the first two books where it’s all about defying the laws of physics to think differently and achieve greatness, this book is all about working within a predetermined set of boundaries and rules to effectively make decisions and run a company. The thought process here is almost opposite of the first two books which is confusing to me but mostly makes sense since the Coach literally helped shape the companies that are today worth trillions of dollars together. I didn’t quite get to finish this chapter as it’s like 70 pages long but read through most of it. I did learn a few things that I’m going to try to implement with my team on Monday.

And finally, Tiny Habits. This book is weird but in a good way. I took a psychology class once in undergrad, so my understanding of human behavior is very minimal, but this book does an excellent job at breaking down how we think as humans and what attributes contribute to our behavior. The chapter today was about modifying a behavior based on Motivation, Ability, and Prompt. The story goes like this: If you wake up in the morning and waste countless hours on social media, then change one of the MAP variables to create the behavior you want. For example, remove your phone from your room in the morning so you Ability to get to the phone becomes harder.

To wrap things up today, my wife and I are trying to decide how all of this is going to work out starting Monday since I go back to work full time and my ability to dedicate time to this will go down. Currently updating one of our older laptops (we mostly use Chromebooks for laptops) since we need a Win 10 machine to do the editing and recording we want to do. I’m also at a difficult point in my life right now. I realize I’m not making any sense here.

Everything I just discussed is all part of my Plan A — Apetech University. My wife is helping me out with Plan B — Tech Broadcasts. And my Plan Z is what is causing me headaches. I’m really liking my job right now and I know that if I apply the concepts I’m learning from Bob’s book, I’ll excel exponentially at work. But at the same time, I really want to be my own boss today and don’t really want to wait to be rewarded at work which is more of a longer term thing (5–10 years). Wife says I should focus on Plan Z until July which is when my project wraps and in the mean time, incrementally grow Plan A and B. I don’t know. . . . I guess I’ll just have to wait until Monday to find out how crazy things at work are.

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