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For today, I decided to think long and hard about what’s working and what isn’t. Starting my online school has been a bit of a challenge, mostly because it’s a pretty big daunting task. In thinking how to start, I realized that I’m about to hit 550 views on my posts. Which got me thinking. . . a month ago, I had no views because I had not created anything! Then, I switched over to youtube and noticed that I had 15 views on that video I made before the end of the year. I started connecting some dots and realized that the reason I have almost 600 views on my blog posts is because I put content out there. On youtube, I only have 1 video. I need to post more in order to gain more traction.

So, for today, I decided to go back to the snake chart I put together for the 27 part journey. On paper, I started with laying out the first 25 projects I’m going to be focusing on. I think part of the reason why I lose focus so quickly is because I get excited about all the different things I can do . . . that I end up doing nothing. In order to try to control my inability to focus, I’m going to start with just creating step by step tutorials on how to build 25 projects. Nothing more, nothing less. Over the next 25 weeks, I’m going to post a video a week showing the world how to build 25 STEAM projects.

I know this is not quite what I’ve been promising, but while I hash out more details and gain clarity on how to start my school, building the instructional portion of 25 projects will get the ball rolling, provide me with motivation, and start gaining an audience as people start sharing and watching my videos.

Here’s the snake chart that I created today. Tomorrow, I’ll start with one of the projects and start getting all the materials ready. Plan on shooting the video this weekend and uploading it by Sunday.

For plan B, and I know I should NOT be doing this, I’ve decided to upload technical content to my wife’s youtube channel. She created a channel to upload video tutorials on one of our old CSULB class homework assignments. One of the videos has 3,500 views!! I figured since this video already has some momentum and some following, it would be cool to start uploading programming/IT/technical style videos on there.

Going to start by walking through a Coding with Scratch walk-through. This is mostly going go be screen recordings from my computer with a voiceover. Not sure how this will go, but I’m excited for this because it will help improve our technical skills and it’s something my wife and I can work on together.

I know this is a lot, but I’m going to be making small incremental progress for the next few months.

Thank you to everyone reading along. I appreciate the support. Please clap and share my content so that you can help me 1k views.

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