Starting 2020 Off Right

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I started going back through some of my old posts here on Medium and realized that I started sounding like a broken record. I promised a lot of things on January 2nd, 2019. . . none of which I think I actually made happen. Let’s review what I said and then talk about how I’ll be doing things differently this time around.

My first promise was that I was going to document my progress every day for 365. It only took me 11 months to finally get into that habit. In 2020, I’m going to hold myself a lot more accountable. I plan to write blog posts on medium every single morning. I’m also going to live stream on Twitch my daily progress as I work on creating logos, backgrounds, images, the website, content, plans, strategies, outlines, videos, tutorials, lesson plans, courses, etc. I want to just share me working every morning for roughly two hours 7 days a week. Some people tell me that it’s dangerous posting everything on because someone could copy. . .to which I say, go ahead. I’ve been trying to start a business for 7 years and I’m only now doing something. If someone tries to copy what I’m doing, that might be the motivation I need to make sure I get to the finish line first. I already outlined some of my plans for 2020 in a previous post, so I wont bother to do it again here, but rest assured I’ll be doing productive every morning.

The next part is interesting. When I started my 27 day journey, I had forgotten that I had posted this 2019 post. I’m not going to lie, I don’t really read my stuff after I post it. But in January of 2019, I was looking at as my main source of inspiration. Come December 2019, I ended up back on the littlebits website as the source of my inspiration and direction. Also, back in January I knew I wanted to do something with STEAM. . . I wonder why it took me 11 months to finally start doing something about it.

I then talk about my 3 plans I had for 2019. Plan A, B, and Z. Let’s review each.

  • Plan A: start a side hustle around STEM. This eventually came to some level of fruition towards the end of 2019. I’m still no where near where I want to be, but I’m making incremental progress daily. Stay tuned regarding this topic in 2020. I plan to fully realize this goal.
  • Plan B: Finish Freecodecamp courses. I was able to finish 2.5 courses. I’m 90% done with the 3rd course and just need to finish the projects. At this point, this is low hanging fruit and I’ll be finishing up the 3rd course in January. I’ll be documenting and streaming this progress as well.
  • Plan Z: Deep Work focus at work. Out of my 3 plans, this ended up working the best. . . not because I intended it, but because it just ended up working out. I was able to really crush it at work to the point where I have a ton of responsibilities and I love my job. Looking forward to a prosperous 2020 at work. Although, if my side hustles pick up, I may not have to work at NG anymore =).

So, what can I say about 2020. I think I’d like to focus on my three plans that I attempted in 2019. Plan B will eventually stem out to other IT related items such as scripting, cloud, security, and devops topics. And plan Z hasn’t let me down just yet. I might get a promotion at work in 2020 which will further incentivize me to continue to do great work.

I hope all of you have a great 2020. I know I’m going to be very busy trying to finally make good on my dreams. I hope you do as well. If you need any help or just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here or on social media.

As Steve Jobs once said: Stay hungry stay foolish. Have a great 2020!

I’m an engineer working professionally in San Diego, CA. I’m trying to improve every day and use this space to document. Connect:

I’m an engineer working professionally in San Diego, CA. I’m trying to improve every day and use this space to document. Connect: