Discovering the Fun World of Scratch — Motion

Photo by Isaac Davis on Unsplash

Now that we finished the book we were working from, we decided we wanted to start covering all the coding blocks and then do a deep dive into projects that are valuable for parents, educators, and students. Our first 11 videos were meant to just get our feet wet. These next 8 videos will be breaking down each of the block types. Fortunately, we discovered the Scratch wiki page which is going to provide us with A LOT of new material. Our goal is to be really good at Scratch and share everything we know with the world.

Here’s the link to the Scratch Wiki:

Let’s explore the Motion Blocks:

Our video today covers how to use the 18 Motion blocks available in Scratch 3.0. It’s one thing to read about how these blocks work. . . and another thing to watch a video on how they work. We are hoping to fill in the first void which is creating simple, quick, easy to follow video tutorials on the subject. Once we complete all different block types, we’re going to develop projects that people can try out at home or in the class.

Looking through the wiki, there’s a lot of information out there. This is both good and bad. It’s good because that means we’ll never run out of content* It’s bad because when there’s this much information available, it’s difficult for a new person to figure out where to start or how to navigate through the sea of information. I think this is an opportunity for us to take all this information and present in a more hand holding fashion. We want to make it easy for anyone to get started with Scratch.

Let’s go edit that video. Thank you to everyone following along. I’m not sure how technical I’m going to be making these posts. My purpose behind writing these posts was to basically give you a behind the scenes and document my journey through all of this. I feel like I should be posting my thoughts but at the same time, I think I should write technical posts that people can print out and follow along with. Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe I should develop technical posts for each topic and then my wife can create a supporting video that hits the highlights and puts things into perspective.

I don’t think I would want to post those technical posts here on Medium though. I think for the purposes of what I’m trying to build, utilizing a wordpress site might be more beneficial as I can drive ad traffic through that site. Will discuss with my wife tonight and update you all tomorrow on the outcome.

Thanks again!

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