27 Part Journey to Starting a Side Hustle — Day Thirteen

Photo by David Ballew on Unsplash

Every side hustle has it’s own unique recipe to be created. We’ll first analyze common items referenced in the book and then I’ll break out into items that I think will be unique to my service.

First, every business needs a website. I plan on utilizing a Wordpress site for the time being while I develop my own website. I really want to develop my own site, but I feel that this will just take a long time (longer than a couple days) and will use it as an excuse to fall behind. Since I don’t want to do that, I’m going to go with the most minimal viable product here and use out of the box templates to get started. I don’t know much about creating a Wordpress site, but thousands of people use it every day for their business. I might even be able to get good enough at making Wordpress sites that I might be start a new side hustle!

Second is social media presence. This is a no brainer for me as a business can’t thrive in the 21st century without a heavy online presence. I already have my logo and just need to either create a branded profile or adapt my personal to be my brand. I’ll have to research this a little more, but rest assured, I’ll be focusing in on this “free” marketing and putting GaryVee’s birthday deck to full use.

Third is a scheduling tool. At first, I don’t think I’ll have a need for this. My service will be on demand and will not physically need my immediate attention. But, I do see a version of this service growing beyond digital and into a more physical medium. Something to look into, but not my highest priority.

Forth is a workflow. This is special to me as I deal with a lot of processes and process development at work. People like a step-by-step guide to everything in life so I will be modeling my service to follow a unique workflow that I think will help me stand out from the competition. More details on this later, but I’ve been thinking about what this workflow will be like almost daily. Everything is still in draft, but over the next couple days, I plan on putting more of those ideas on paper and start sharing them with my community.

Lastly, a payment system. I need to have an easy and secure way of receiving payment for my services. I haven’t really done much ecommerce, so I’ll be researching how to do this as well. I’ll most likely be using a PayPal account tied to my business account, but I really don’t like the fees that PayPal has. I’ll be shopping around and finding the best, most affordable service that can take care of this for me.

For more information, I recommend you check out this link: https://sidehustleschool.com/resources/

Not mentioned in the list above or at the link is content. My service relies on a steady stream of content that users will end up paying for in the end. This content has to be valuable and appropriate to my target audience. Since I’m planning on serving three different audience types, I’ll have to create three times as much content. Good thing is that they’ll all share a common baseline, so my level of effort to create all three shouldn’t be too hard. I’m going to admit that this part keeps me up at night. This part is what I think keeps me from starting. I have a bazillion ideas in my head, but figuring out how to present my ideas in a way that will bring value to users is scary for me. I don’t visualize a clear path on how to get from ideas in my brain to something people will enjoy. I think that because I don’t have this clarity, I put up millions of excuses to not get started. I really need to find a way to just sit down, hash details out and just create. I’ll miss 100% of the shots I never take and every day that passes is a day of shooting that I didn’t participate in.

That’s it for today. I feel motivated to go figure out my path to producing content. I just having so many options because it clutters my mind. I need to find just the right way to present my content and just go with it. The market will let me know what does/doesn’t work and I’ll just have to adjust accordingly. But just sitting here, typing this out and not actually creating anything isn’t going to give me the feedback I need to get the clarity I’m seeking. Over the course of this week, I’ll be putting together 3–5 samples of content and let the community talk to me about what they think. Get ready for some raw content coming from me this week.

As always, thanks for reading. I recently crossed over 200 views on my posts! Current milestone is 250, followed by 500. Thanks for your help and I appreciate you taking the time to read through my nonsense.

I’m an engineer working professionally in San Diego, CA. I’m trying to improve every day and use this space to document. Connect: apetech.me/social