27 Part Journey to Starting a Side Hustle — Day Sixteen

So that picture clearly summarizes how I feel right now. I can see the word, but it sure is blurry. Today, we learn how to adjust those focals and try to get some clarity on what I’m doing.

Change your customer’s life

First rule is to underpromise and overdeliver. I’ve been doing this pretty much my entire life which has lead to much of my success. For my service, and after giving it much thought yesterday, I think I’m going to start with “instructables” type of a service. Looking through the templates yesterday made me realize that in order to launch the service, I need to custom create the website. But, since I don’t want to lose motivation, or speed, I’m going to take a step back and start with basic offerings. By going this route, I’ll still be able to create valuable content for my end user which can then be easily ported over to the final product.

Make more money

The one thing I hope to never to do is have to up sell. As I gradually increase the value of my service, the price will naturally go up. I’ll have a long way to go as I’ll be starting at $0. Going back to my instructables idea from my previous point, creating free content at the beginning will allow me to reach a wider audience. It will allow me to create something meaningful and then test it out with little risk. Once I have enough content created, I can then curate everything that works on the free model and move towards my subscription model. Then, I’ll offer an introductory price to those faithful few that helped me get started.

Lastly, the book encourages you to focus for 25 minutes every morning on your hustle in order to increase the two aforementioned points. By dedicating 25 minutes in the morning, you can focus on driving execution before you get tired with your day job. I know this is true to me because once I finish writing this blog, I go sit in a conference room and traffic for 11 hours. Once I get home, I literally don’t want to do anything anymore. . . so I use that time to read as opposed to watch tv.

Going forward, the book says I’m entering the execution phase. This is the scary part as I’ll be pressured to actually create something over the next week. Thankfully, tomorrow is my last day of work for 2019 and so I’ll have roughly two week to concentrate on building out my service. I look forward to publishing something before the end of the year.

Thank you to everyone for your support. I’m almost at 300 views. My next goal is 500. Please like and share my story if you found it valuable or entertaining. I might not be the most exciting person in the world, but I enjoy putting my thoughts out on paper and letting people read them. I feel super exposed but watching the number of viewers is encouraging.

See you all tomorrow!

I’m an engineer working professionally in San Diego, CA. I’m trying to improve every day and use this space to document. Connect: apetech.me/social

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