27 Part Journey to Starting a Side Hustle — Day Fifteen

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Today we get to build out a workflow for my service. This is exciting because this will be the first time I start putting together some of the more intricate details of how I’ll offer up my service and how I’ll manage it. The book describes developing a workflow which is basically a flow chart that tells you step by step what needs to happen in order to make something happen. This should be very easy because at work we call this an inch stone . . . or as my boss calls them, snake charts. Here’s my snake chart below.

This is at the highest level, the four things I think I need to do between now any my service launch. I have to create the content that will be put on the site. I have to create a website that will host the content. The content I created will then be uploaded to the site. Once all of that is in place, I’ll launch the site.

Obviously there are a lot of missing steps in between, but I need to break those down further. I started looking into websites today and this is going to be a little harder than I originally thought. What I’ve learned is that Wordpress is the only site (from the 3 I researched) that offers a free version to get started. But their templates suck in my opinion. Wix and Squarespace have much better layouts and designs, but their sites cost a pretty penny. They do however have free trials and they take care of a lot of the commerce stuff. My problem with all three however, is that their out of the box templates don’t really fit the mold I’m looking for in my service delivery. I have a rough idea of what that should look like in my mind, but after going through the available templates, I didn’t see anything that stood out to me. I’ll keep looking into this.

As for the creating content, well I have roughly over 150 projects that I need to capture on video, edit, and then post. I have to develop all associated supporting content that goes with these videos. Since 150 is an overwhelming number, I have a personal goal of launching by the end of the year so I’m just going to focus on creating three our out of the 150. That should be enough to gain momentum and to get the service out in front of people. Since my service is going to be free in one way or another, those initial 3 items are going to be critical.

I’ll work on breaking everything down further over the next couple days. I love these snake charts and I can go crazy filling them in with details. This can take hours and since I only have an hour or so every morning, I want to make sure I focus on the bare minimum required to get me to the next gate . . . otherwise I know I’m just going to sit on it and not do anything.

Thanks for reading. About to hit 250 views on my posts!! Thank you to everyone following along. I really hope you are enjoying reading through my thoughts. Here I am 15 days later and it all still very weird exposing my thoughts like this. Anyways, thanks for the support. See you all tomorrow.

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