27 Part Journey to Starting a Side Hustle — Day Eight

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Today is an interesting topic. The book encourages you to write about your idea customer. It wants you to think about just a single person. The person that will benefit the most from my service. I need to provide a lot of details about what that person is like and why that person wants to purchase my service. So, never really gave this much thought but let’s jump into it and have a little fun

I honestly think I have three ideal users of my service. Similar to Khan Academy, I want to have students, teachers, or parents access my services. It may be a little ambitious at first, and I might just pick one to get started, but I want the three different users to have a tailorized experience when accessing my service. What that means is that even though the content is basically all the same, the perspective the content is presented at is tailored towards one of my three ideal customers. So, let’s start with the student as that’s most likely who is going to interact with the site the most.




Well those are my three customers and how I imagine I’ll be creating content for them. Ultimately, I think my service is a going to be a hybrid of ABCmouse, Khan Academy and freecodecamp. I haven’t hashed out all the details just yet, but as I brainstorm more on my service, the more excited I get. The difficult part right now is focusing on a minimal viable product that I can ship. . .otherwise I’ll just be stuck thinking about this like I’ve done for the past 7 years. I’m going to start small, and gradually build on my services. But my objective is to provide 1 piece of content to each of my three ideal users on day one.

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